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Wildwater Canoeing is a unique style of paddling and involves racing along a section of whitewater.

There are currently two race formats: the Rapid Sprint is raced over a 200m-600m section of whitewater and can take 45 to 120 seconds; the Rapid Classic is an endurance race of 4-10km and can last anywhere between 10 and 60 minutes. Competitors can either compete individually in the sprint and classic races, or in a team of three paddlers where they must all cross the finish line within a given time period. Racing along whitewater takes a lot of skill and power, and competitors must find the fastest way down the river by avoiding big waves and rapids.

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Wildwater WA Committee Members

Our grateful thanks to the hardworking Wildwater WA Discipline Committee members, who volunteer with passion and dedication to develop this exciting sport in WA.

  • Kris Smith (Chair)
  • Peter Gigengack
  • Peter Liddle
  • David Worthy
  • Wendy Burdett
  • Jeannette Busch
  • Terry Bolland
  • Steve Stasiuk
  • Stephanie Smith

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