Paddle Wa Is An

Paddle Partnership for Mental Health.

We all know paddling is a great sport and recreation for mental health and wellbeing. There is something about being out on the water that replenishes and revives the mind, body and soul.

As the State Sporting Association for Paddling in Western Australia, we are super excited to announce our partnership with the Act Belong Commit – Mentally Healthy Partner program.

We are now a part of WA’s longest running mental health promotion campaign, encouraging people to prioritise mental wellbeing and providing opportunities for people to take action to be mentally healthy.

Mental health and motivation were among the top benefits listed in our Paddle Poll .

Add your own paddling poll benefits to the list!

Our community is our priority, and our partnership with Act Belong Commit will support and enhance our ongoing commitment to programs and events to attract, encourage and promote paddling as a mentally healthy pastime to the Western Australian community.

How mentally healthy are you?

Step 1: Take the Act Belong Commit Mental Wellbeing Quiz

Step 2: Read the ways you can keep mentally healthy and Act Belong Commit.

Step 3: Get out and Paddle. Grab a friend and take some time to relax and chat.

For more information on the program visit

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