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Canoe/Kayak Slalom is the best-known whitewater canoeing discipline in Australia and is one of two Olympic canoeing disciplines.

Canoe Slalom is all about speed and agility on a whitewater course, usually 200m-300m in length. Competitors must navigate through gates in a specific order and direction, and incur a 2 second penalty for touching the gate and a 50 second penalty if a gate is missed. The green and white gates must be paddled through in the direction of the current (downstream), whereas red and white gates must be paddled through in the direction opposite to the current (upstream).

The craft used typically have a long and slicy tail for efficient turning, and a pointy nose to produce speed. Slalom paddlers use ‘flat-blade’ paddles to execute the different types of strokes while maintaining power and grip on the water.

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Slalom WA Committee Members

Our grateful thanks to the hardworking Slalom WA Committee members, who volunteer with passion and dedication to develop this exciting sport in WA.

  • Cody Pope (Chair)
  • Scott Florisson
  • Kate MacRae
  • Natashia Aitchison
  • Robin Sanders

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