Volunteer with us

There are hundreds of ways volunteers help us make magic happen.

Without volunteers our sport would not be what it is today.

They are the backbone of paddling in Western Australia and their combined skills, knowledge, and passion have created the vibrant, supportive and connected community we are proud to be a part of.

What will be your volunteering story?

Everyone volunteers for different reasons, with different commitments and over different availabilities. You don’t need to do it all, in fact we would rather have more volunteers sharing small parts of the load, rather than a few volunteers covering all of the load.

If you’re enjoying our events, why not see how you can help in some small way and start your volunteering story.

The more people who learn these small tasks, means less commitment for everyone. It also means we have a succession of knowledge and skills to keep us paddling
well into the future.

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Something for everyone

There is something for everyone to do. Every contribution makes a difference.

Here’s a few of the ways you can help on race days.

  • Among the first to register? Ask our volunteer coordinators how you can help with set up and preparation.
  • First across the line? Help out with craft removal, or bib collection.
  • Like to stay and have a chat? Get your friends to help pack down a marquee while you discuss the finer points of the race.
  • Can’t race on the day? Your help on the sidelines is invaluable – it will allow other volunteers to compete. Let us know beforehand and find out how you can help.
  • Just there to watch your loved one? Why not be a part of the experience. You don’t need to be a Paddle WA member to volunteer with us, and there are many ways you can help while you’re waiting for them to cross the line.

We’ve got you covered.

All volunteers are covered under our public liability and personal accident insurance. Regardless if they are Paddle WA members or not. Contact us to find out more.

Think you’re not up for it?

Think again.

We’re there to support you. You won’t be dumped in the deep end. If needed, we will buddy you with someone for training (spotting, timing etc) for as long as you need. The more people who learn these tasks, means less commitment for everyone. It also means we have a succession of knowledge and skills to keep us paddling well into the future.

Don’t want a commitment?

Don’t worry.

You don’t have to commitment to anything. Ad Hoc help when you can is just as important as taking on a committed role. We understand you have busy lives and are grateful for any time you have available.

What’s in it for you?

You may think volunteering is hard work, a chore, an interruption and inconvenience and leads into pressure to increase your commitment. This is not the case.

By spreading the tasks among many the work is not hard, nor a chore and is little interruption or inconvenience. Paddle WA will not pressure you to commitment to more than you are willing to give. We will ask around to fill tasks, and we don’t mind if you say no.

Meet our superheroes

We love to hear our volunteer’s stories. After all they run the narrative to Paddle WA.

We want you to get to know how wonderful our Volunteers are and see why we think they are 💎⭐ amazing ⭐💎

click on the photo to meet them.

Maybe you’ll soon be adding your volunteer story.

Paddlewa Thanks Our Volunteers 45

Got questions?

We’ve got the answers. Contact us, we’d love to get to know you and help start your volunteering story.

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