SUP – Stand Up Paddleboarding

what’s sup? you are. on your board. with a paddle. free to explore any of our beautiful waterways.

Stand up and enjoy the space …

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is exactly what the title suggests- standing up on a board and paddling. It is contested all over the world and is also one of the fastest growing recreational sports. There are no rudders so all movement and turning come from strikes. SUP is seen most commonly on flatwater, however they get involved in races on both ocean and wildwater.

Traditionally, in competition there are sprint events (usually contested over 200 metres), longer races (between 5km and 35km) and technical races (about 3km).

For more information regarding training groups around Perth, head to Stand Up Paddle WA.

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SUP WA Committee Members

Our grateful thanks to the hardworking SUP WA Discipline Committee members, who volunteer with passion and dedication to develop this exciting sport in WA.

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