Rematch! Battle of the Paddlesports

The weather gods did not smile upon our inaugural Battle of the Paddlesports at the Guildford to Garratt regatta, with the final head to head (tail) race being cancelled due to unfavorable conditions.

Thematmar Perth
Oars and Paddles at the ready! 📷 FB – Thematmar Perth

We call for a Rematch!

This gives us time to regroup and reassess our battle plans now we know our competition!

Are you with us?

If you would like us to challenge our reverse cousins to a rematch and run the Battle of the Paddlesports again?

Let us know by voting yes or no.

Your vote matters! We will only arrange if there is enough support.

A matter of honour

Our warriors came out in force to defend our honour and reputation with over 50 paddlers joining the competition.

The day’s result

Despite the weather, it was a great day of paddling and spectating, with loads of friendly competitiveness, albeit without a decisive champion!

Click here for list of results.

Selena Lloyd (17)

Thank you to all paddlers, spectators and support crew who braved the conditions and did us proud!

Don’t forget to cast your vote to challenge again.