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Canoe Marathon is an exciting form of racing that has a world-wide following across all ages.

Races in WA are typically 10 to 20km long to encourage local paddlers to race. World Canoe Marathon events are typically 15 to 35km long and include a portage. This is where the competitor must carry the craft on land for a short distance before returning to the water. Australia has some of the most qualified and successful marathon paddlers in the world, including several World Champions.

The types of craft used in Canoe Marathon events in WA are predominantly a mixture of single kayaks (K1) and Ocean Skis (S1) but all craft types are welcome and all levels and ages of paddlers are encouraged to participate. Team boats including K2, K3 and even K4 are popular marathon craft and are always welcome at races.

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Canoe Marathon WA Committee Members

Our grateful thanks to the hardworking Canoe Marathon WA Committee members, who volunteer with passion and dedication to develop this exciting sport in WA.

  • Doug Hodson (Chair)
  • Warren Southwell (Bosun)
  • Terry Bolland
  • John Hilton
  • Martin Watson
  • Paul Paardekooper
  • Joe Dowse

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