Guiding Principles

Our Values

Collaboration: Working respectfully together for improved outcomes.
Inclusiveness: Ensuring safe places, fair play and embracing diversity.
Transparency: Building consensus through open engagement.
Excellence: Striving at all times to deliver our best.

A united paddling community.

Our Vision

To be a thriving, cohesive paddling community in Western Australia that embraces the dimensions of paddling as a sport: adventure, recreation and competition

Our Purpose

To introduce and promote paddling in West Australia through participation in the activity of paddling: for health, enjoyment, friendship, challenge and achievement.

Our Community

Our community is made up of many constituents including clubs, disciplines, committees, volunteers, coaches, our Paddle Academy, our Board, and our staff.

Paddle WA represents the interests of a range of disciplines including marathon, slalom, sprint, sea kayaking, ocean racing, wild water, canoe polo and we work collaboratively with other paddling organisations.

Our membership includes over 1600 active club members of all ages, abilities and interests across the dimensions of adventure, competition and recreation. There are 11 clubs located across Perth and the South West of WA.

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