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Sprinting their way to success

A strong WA contingent contested the 2024 Canoe Sprint Nationals in Penrith NSW from 6-10 March 2024.

It was the first time since 2020 that the Sprint Nationals Regatta was held at Penrith. Issues with flooding and algae had diverted nationals to South Australia in 2021 and 2022, and WA hosted a home Nationals in 2023.

For around half the paddlers, this was their first time to Sydney International Regatta Centre.

The team had a prime location on the hill secured by Ramon and Beau after arriving on the Sunday, and the Cool room was a hit in warm and humid conditions throughout the week.

Team camaraderie and excellent sportsmanship was on show all week and congratulations to the all the team members, parents, volunteers and coaches for their excellent support throughout. 

It was clear during the K2 and K4 events that the development of skills and effort put in by coaches paid huge dividends in these events. With multiple WA medalist’s in K2 events even within the same finals. In most cases outperforming a simple calculation of K1 speeds. Well done team!  

The Standout performance from the WA Team was Luke Egger.

Despite being an U23 athlete, Luke mixed it with national and Olympic representatives throughout the regatta. Then, taking the most of his opportunities stepped in to paddle with Noah Havard and Elle Beere after an injury to Pierre VDW and took home a number of medals in the K2 along with his silver in the K1 200. Congratulations Luke on your regatta and U23 selection.

Sending our thanks

Big thanks to Ramon and Beau for driving across and back and the unfortunate delays on the way back – above and beyond! 

Thank you to team manager on the ground Clare Ketteringham and support team.  Also to all the parents who jumped in as boat holders, volunteers and drivers through the week.   It is a massive effort and much appreciated. 

A great result!

Some of our team members were successful in selection for various national teams and with the APAC cup in Penrith, they will get to do it all again in May.   

WA team representatives

U23 world championship team.

Luke Egger (Canning River)

Junior worlds team

Belle McBennett (Bayswater)


Connor Jacob (Canning River)

Finn Caruana. (Geographe Bay)

Zen Salisbury. (Bayswater)

Stella Dark. (Bayswater)

Taya Cassidy. (Ascot)


Belle McBennett (Bayswater)

Claudia Ketteringham (Bayswater)

Sarah Major. (Bayswater)


Sam Meyers (Bayswater)

Abbey Major (Bayswater)

Sammy Lourey (Bayswater)



Gold 🥇

Orlando Fonseca. K1 14’s

Kat o’Kelly Kennedy. Para K1 500

Stella Dark. K1 16’s

Connor Jacob and Finn Caruana k2 16’s

Beau Jacob and A Tan K2 14’s

Beau Jacob and Orlando Fonseca, A Tan and F Ireland 14’s

Mark Daniels. Paracanoe Va’a

Sarah Major, Belle Mcbennett, J Rayward, O Clues 18’s

Stella Dark,Tilly Reekie, Alila Thorpe, Taya Cassidy K4 16’s

Silver 🥈

Amy Ralph. Para k1 500

Connor Jacob. K1 500 16’s

Stella Dark and Tilly Reekie. K2 500 16’s

Zen Salisbury and C Ireland (NSW) k2 16’s

Belle McBennett and Sarah Major k2 18’s

Sammy Lourey k1 21’s

Connor Jacob, Finn Caruana, Zen Salisbury, Sasha Small k416’s

Zoe Moore, Adelaide Hilton, Claudia Ketteringham, Harper Gamble k4 18’s

Luke Egger k4 open with Armstrong, Reid, Morris

Bronze 🥉

Belle McBennett k1 500 18’s

Luke Egger and Noah Havard (QLD)


Gold 🥇

Taya Cassidy and Alila Thorpe 16’s

Luke Egger and E Beere. Open mixed

Connor Jacob and Finn Caruana. 16’s

Kat O’K K. PC k1

Orlando Fonseca and Finn Ireland. 14’s

Taya Cassidy. K1 16’s. ( we had all 4 girls in top 11)

Harper Gamble and Claudia Ketteringham. K2 18’s

Luke Egger and N Harvard. K2 open.

Mark Daniels PC Va’a

Amy Ralph. PC va’a

Orlando Fonseca 14’s

Silver 🥈

Zen Salisbury and C Ireland

Claudia Ketteringham 18’s

Luke Egger. Open.

Beau Jacob and A Tan K2 14’s

Beau Jacob and E Basak. Mixed 14’s

Zen Salisbury and Stella Dark mixed 16’s

Connor Jacob. 16’s. ( we had all 4 boys in the top 10)

Bronze 🥉

Amy Ralph PC K1

Mark Daniels PC. K 1

Belle McBennett 18’s

Connor Jacob and Claudia Ketteringham mixed 18’s

Taya Cassidy and Finn Caruana


Gold 🥇

Orlando Fonseca. 14’s

Connor Jacob and Finn Caruana. K2 16’s 1000

Orlando Fonseca and F Ireland k2 14’s 1000

Silver 🥈

Zen Salisbury and C Ireland k2 16’s 1000

Stella Dark and Tilly Reekie. K2 16’s 1000

Beau Jacob and A Tan 14’s k2 1000

Connor Jacob. 16’s

Bronze 🥉

Beau Jacob. 14’s

Zoe Moore and Adelaide Hilton k2 18’s 1000

Congratulations everyone!

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